The main web page outlines all the tools [access via all icons] : is divided into 4 sections :
- Leverage Intelligence [Optimal Leverage]
- Market Intelligence [Price Intelligence]
- Modules [single UI for profiled trader] [Selected Tools + Customised Module]
- Portfolio Monitoring
=> Main Page ML^2
Click any icon to login
Actions : access required tools UI
- Scroll down the web page : tool description : click the icon to access the tool
- Access the tools also via the tabs at the top [Leverage intelligence, Market intelligence, Mi portfolio, Intelligence modules]
  • The tools are either individual tools-calculators or a [module] that incorporates information gathered from multiple tools [Instrument Scorecard : Entry Level Trader : Introducing Broker]
  • Small yellow box at the top right hand corner of each tools UI is a Help Tool = description of the tools purpose, the required inputs and the outputs
  • A pop-up calculator-tool MARGIN CALCULATOR sits within specific tools, that allows the trader to determine their optimal leverage [cash buffer] or specify in $ terms their required capital@risk$ [portfolio monitoring programs]
=> How to manage the process [access is via clicking the tool icon]
Mi portfolio
- Input the securities you want to analyse
- Automatically listed in all the tools : you can manually input any security
- Input the instruments code : number of units : holding period
- Input the security you want to have alerted – flagged for when it meets your trading criteria
- Want to buy AUDUSD but it is currently in a price falling state, simply select to be informed when AUDUSD in a persistent long state
- Notification is by SMS or email
Input the instruments code : select the listed structure to be alerted
Instrument Scorecard
- Summary information on the selected security
Select the preferred instrument : basic information is listed to understand the securities state of play
Mi ETF portfolio
- You can input your ETF security portfolio and this will feed through to the ETF portfolio monitoring program : long term risk assessed portfolio monitoring
  • The next step for the trader would be to access the specific tools they need in the leverage intelligence or market intelligence programs
- Move to the required tool : each tool has specific functions guided by the title description [populated from Mi portfolio]
- Move to the required [module]
  • ML^2 tools are designed to create the necessary intelligence or body of information for any trader-investor :
- Select the tools either from the web applications, from selected modules, customise your own module or manage your trades via the portfolio monitoring program
- Use each tool in itself or customise your own [customised module] to include the tools you need
- Use ML^2 programs in themselves or in conjunction with your current trading program [technical systems / security analysis]
- Use the tools in combination to create your own EA trading system
- ML^2 offers specific tools to be used on the MT4 platform